an ode to BC

I've been meaning to wrap up a collection of some of my favorite memories in a post dedicated to BC. 

It’s hard to believe that the life I have come to know as a reality will soon be just a faint memory. BC has been good to me. I’m leaving behind so many faces and places that are close to my heart. I am fortunate to have people in my life that make it so difficult to say goodbye. Sometimes you need to love a place enough to know when it's time to leave. 

So here we are. An ode to BC. A collogue of some of my fondest memories.

My first day in BC. I was dropped off at the wrong address and wandered around with my luggage... completely lost and got rescued by firefighters.

The time I flew a plane (ok I was co-piolet) 

The time we went to the Adam's river salmon run

Surfing on the sandy beaches of Tofino

Vancouver city water fight in Stanley Park 

Hiking through the mountains

Tuesday nights at the Dodson

English Bay

Camping excursions on Vancouver Island

Spelunking through Horne Lake caves

Biking the Stanley park seawall 

Boarding in the mountains

A spring filled with cherry blossoms

Hot springs

The best birthday of my life

The time we canoed up indian arm & camping under the stars

Road trips with amazing friends

And, of course, those goats on a roof