The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain

My first European adventure was with some friends after university graduation. We called ourselves “Eng Club 7” (lame yet awesome) and hit up 7 countries. Unfortunately Spain didn’t make the cut, so I knew I'd have to find my way back to Europe one day. 

Well, I kicked off 2013 with some fantastic Spanish adventures! Spain is bursting with imagination and creativity. You can see it reflected in the sidewalk tiles, the architecture, landscape, and all of Guell’s designs.

Park Guell attracts some of the most impressive street performers. I love listening to local musicians, they really help you get to know a city.

I’ve seen my share of old European churches, but I’ve never seen anything like Sacra Familia. They call it “neo-gothic” style. Guell's work is said to be inspired by nature: trees, animals, snails, honeycombs etc.

We saw posters of mountains in the subway and decided to take a train to Montserrat. We got off at the wrong stop and had to take a cable car up to the top, much to mother’s dismay.

It turns out that Montserrat is a monastery. 

We strolled along stone paths through the mountains where monks would meditate

Personally, I think that the peaks of the mountain look like potatoes. 

I generally find the the best adventures or (mis)adventures in life are unexpected and spontaneous. You haven't any preconceived expectations that need to be met. Instead you can just enjoy a place for what it is.