here's to a very newfie summer!

I love summer, I love Newfoundland, and I love lists. So here we are: my bucket list (newfie summer 2013 edition) 
  1. Find St. John's best milkshake & fries
  2. Take Dad zip lining in Petty Harbour 
  3. Visit the Alpaca Farm
  4. Picnic on Bell Island
  5. Watch an outdoor movie (July 22 - Momma Mia, July 29 - Back to the Future)
  6. Have a waterfight 
  7. Spot an iceberg 
  8. See Shakespeare by the Sea (Julius Caesar July 7- Aug 12, Sun & Mon)
  9. Visit Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve
  10. Drive behind a runner and blast "Eye of the Tiger"
  11. Go on an overnight sailing trip
  12. Victoria Park Lantern Festival (July 27)
  13. Folk Festival in Bowering Park (August 9-11)
  14. Brigus blueberry festival (August 8-11)
  15. Make friends with someone who owns a seadoo
  16. Go seadooing
  17. Visit St. Pierre
  18. Run in St. John's "Run or Dye" (does anyone actually know the date for this? I've heard it's in August)
  19. Go to an outdoor yoga class
  20. Picnic in Ferryland 
  21. Sunrise at Cape Spear 
  22. Berry picking 
  23. Go Sea kayaking 
  24. Campfire singalongs at the beach (you can never have too many of these)
  25. Hike the east coast trail (I've already done 4 hikes this year, but I want to do Tinkers Point Path, La Manche Village Path and perhaps the Spout again)
I must say, the summer is off to a brilliant start! This video sums up the past 3 days of my life in 2 minutes. I crashed into a shrub, danced in a pow-wow, chased goats and had plenty of laughs along the way. Then made I friends with a waitress who took me on a boat to see icebergs in St. Anthony. Embrace the wonderful, magical, randomness. 

3 days of my life in 2 minutes from Natasha Kettle on Vimeo.

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