Project 25

I have circled this sun 25 times. Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been dreading turning 25. The term "quarter-life crisis" has been thrown around a lot lately.

Then I received some words from the wise:"Do not regret getting older, it is a privilege denied to many"

I am blessed beyond measure. I have a big, quirky, awesome family. I have loyal & true friends. I serve an faithful God, who has brought me around the world and provided for me every step of the way. I've met so many inspiring people. I've learned so much, seen so much, grown so much.

For my 25th birthday I was inspired to do one random act of kindness to celebrate each year that I've been on this planet. So, I set out with my trusty team (Molly & Sissy) to spread happiness & smiles to the good people of St. John's. This is project 2-5.

1. Pay for someone's coffee in the drive through behind me (Molly was really excited about this one)

2. Donate colouring books and crayons to the Janeway

3. Drop of a bouquet of flowers and tell the nurses to give it to the person that needs it the most

4. Become an organ donor

5. Leave cute sticky notes on restroom mirrors

6. Tape spare change to a vending machine

7. Deliver timbits to the students studying in the ECE lab (where I spent my birthday 3 years ago)

8. Leave $5 in a random book in the library (for a starving student to find)

9. Donate used clothing

10. Pick up garbage on the road (and flick it gracefully into the dumpster)

11. Buy a meal for a homeless person

12. Hand out flowers to people walking downtown

13. Make a food bank donation

14. Pay someone's bus fare

15. Put up "Take what you need" posters ( I know these things are cheesy, but they make me smile)

16. Leave a copy of the "The Happiness Project" for someone to find (one of my favourite books!)

17. Round up scattered shopping carts

18. Stand outside the supermarket and give away reusable shopping bags

19. Feed apples to the horses at Rainbow Riders

20. Run into a restaurant and give someone a gift card

21. Plant flowers in someone's flower box

22. Bring baked goods to firefighters (I did not anticipate having so much trouble busting into the fire station) 

23. Leave coins in a laundromat

24. Paint 25 rocks and scatter them around the beach

25. I was really stuck for the 25th act of kindness.. so I just gave someone a watermelon.

Project 25 status: Complete!