The Real "Mud Immortal"

This past weekend there was a mud obstacle course race here in Newfoundland called "Mud Immortal". After the race, social media exploded with disgruntled participants complaining about false advertising and that the race didn't live up to their expectations. There wasn't enough mud, not enough parking, no kitchen party, no bag check, unsafe drinking water etc. In fact, now participants are rallying to take legal action against the organizer (click here). I wasn't there, but I would probably be upset too. The honest truth is that I would have the same exact complaints. I'd feel disappointed, scammed and bummed out.


On the SAME day as the mud race, Saturday Sept 21st, a band of terrorists started open fire in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. 62 people have been proclaimed dead and 175 wounded, with hostages left in hiding for days. (click here) Why was no one talking about this? Why was everyone so concerned about not having enough mud at the race?

I know where you can find mud. Lots and lots of mud. In the slums of Kenya (and other third world countries) where children and babies live on the side of the road. In the single room tin houses with dirt floors.

As far as a shuttle and parking goes ...

And lets not get started on "safe drinking water" access and the lack thereof.

I was very hesitant to post this, I didn't want people to feel like I was attacking them. This is not intended to single out those that participated in the race. This is a reflection of our society as a whole. I'm guilty, I get flustered and annoyed when my cell phone dies, or I have car problems.. But in my humble opinion, this is the real "mud immortal".  When our biggest complaint is a lack of mud, we've got it pretty darn good.