two thousand fourteen

To kick off the new year I thought I'd remove my wisdom teeth (because wisdom teeth are so 2014). However there are 3 things that make the recovery from oral surgery bearable:
1. Friends on Netflix
2. Ice cream
3. This pup

So here I am, hermit-ing until my face deflates and I can eat real food again. Happy belated New Years, folks. Here's glance back through 2014 (If this post isn't coherent than please blame it on the pain meds)

We slid down an epic sled track on the coldest night of the year

Went snowshoeing and stumbled upon a Christmas tree in the middle of the forest. It was a magical Narnia-type moment.

*Attempted* to light numerous Chinese lanterns. Apparently Chinese lanterns were not designed for Newfoundland winds

Went to a pub at 8am to watch Canada win the men's Olympic Hockey championship game. Even managed to make an appearance on the local news. 

Ps. remember when *this* happened and the entire country stopped breathing? 

Had an epic Easter Egg hunt (where I whipped out ever so gracefully)

Snowboarded in Banff

Went on a spontaneous trip to Scotland (you can read more about it here!)

Finally won drive-in bingo!

Saw many icebergs (2014 was an excellent year for tourists)

Went camping in a thunder and lightning storm

Found the most adorable Cafe in Bonavista

Had the cutest surprise birthday party/ outdoor movie

Celebrated Christmas in August

Hiked to the Berry Head Arch. In the dark.

Went cod fishin' around the bay

Settled into this cozy little Georgetown apartment

Got the sweetest little pup, Augustus

I can't really do an entire a year justice by skimming through a highlight reel and call it a wrap. There are so many wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that happen in between the highlights. There were many chats over cups of tea, board games and movie nights. I watched 'Frozen' more times than any 26 year old should. I mastered some new recipes. I butchered some recipes. There was a lot of Taylor Swift. I started reading again. I got in my first car crash. And discovered that I am terrible at wake boarding. 

However, I can definitely say that this is the most grown up I've ever been. I own and couch and a dog. Here's to 2015!