2016 - The year of the Mondays

It seems to be pretty popular to hate on 2016 these days, and we all know that Mondays are awful. The collective hate of Mondays is one of the few things that transcends race, religion and culture. That, and love of chocolate of course.

In many ways 2016 has been the most challenging and stressful and overwhelming year of my life. There has been a bit too much "adulting" for my liking. But 2016, you didn't completely suck.

It is a running joke in our friend group that all of the epic/eventful things seem to fall on Mondays lately. So here's to the Mondays! The underdogs of the of calendar week that everyone loves to hate! You're not all bad, Mondays. And 2016, dare I say it, you were actually... pretty great.

Without further adieu, is my 2016 highlight reel.

1. We used every blanket and sheet in Jordan's house to build a fort. (see gigantic dog for comparison)

2. I took a pottery class (#64 on the bucket list)

3. I also took skating lessons. This is literally the only photo of me skating in 2016. Look at how great I am.

4. I went ice fishing for the first time (does it still count if I didn't catch anything?)

5. I finally visited "Glassy Beach"

6. We bought a house. This day was total and complete chaos... can you tell?

7. I said yes. (on a Monday)

8. We visited Alex's Grandmother in cottage country

9. We sang along with The Head and the Heart

10. We ate our way through Ottawa

11. We caught some wind in our sails and some fish on our hooks.

12. Half the population was completely obsessed with Pokemon Go, for like 10 days.

13. We got caught in a downpour while trying to "catch 'em all" in Bowering Park

14. We grooved to the Arkells (on a Monday)

15. An ice cream truck pulled up at our office.

(True friends are the ones that loan you their emergency cash for ice cream, and then hold your hair out of said ice cream to take a selfie)

16. We drove to the folk festival in a VW bus and danced barefoot in the grass (on a Monday)

17. We jumped on a massive seat sale to Hawaii #reidsgonewild

18. My friends planned the best bachelorette I could have asked for

19. We said "I do" (on a Monday)

20. I stood up on a wakeboard! (That awkward spec is me, I promise)

21. I dressed up my sister's horse as a unicorn.

22. We stormed the streets as mummers.

23. We wrapped up the year with Christmas at the cabin, in true 'Tacky Kettle Christmas' style. (video here)

24. Even though we started dating 4 Christmases ago, this was the first time Alex and I were together for Christmas Day. He loved it.

(Ps. This photo is going in our "First Christmas" frame ornament) 

The biggest issue I have with 2016 is the whole Trump thing, I am still trying to process that. But it happened on a Tuesday.