Biggest fails of 2015

I dug up the 'ole blog for the first time in 2 years and found this post in "draft form".

I guess publishing my 2015 New Years blog in 2017 is another fail lol. Anyways, enjoy.


This year instead of doing a highlight reel of my shining moments in 2015.. here are some of my not-so-shiny moments. My series of unfortunate events.

Lets just start off by saying that this year was not good for my face.

1. I had my wisdom teeth taken out. And blew up like a balloon.

2. I hit MYSELF in the face with a softball.

3. I also got kicked in the nose during yoga class (sorry, no photos)

4. I made a dessert for my parents anniversary and forgot to add the sugar.

5. While navigating in Ireland I led Alex down a one way street.. the wrong way.

6. I had to break into my apartment twice.

7. I left my phone at a gas station in Gander and did not realize until we were on the other side of Terra Nova park.

8. A week later I left my phone in a hostel in Berlin.

9. Broke my phone twice.

10. I also ripped a hole in the butt of my favourite jeans in the Avalon Mall.

I hope that you are all impressed by my mad adulting skillz!