Dog's Day Out

It's becoming a trend these days for businesses to go "dog friendly". More and more establishments are opening their doors to our four-legged friends, and I think it's grand. I love that I can take Gus for a walk and scratch a few items off my "to-do" list at the same time. He loves all the attention and the treats.

Here are a few of our favourite local dog-friendly businesses:

I haven't ventured into food venues with Gus, but the Battery Cafe has an adorable walk-through window and picnic tables overlooking the harbour. It's the perfect pit-stop before / after doing the Signal Hill trail. They even give out treats to the pups :)

I'm not aware of many chain-stores that are dog friendly, but here are a couple!
  • Wicker Emporium

  • Canadian Tire on Hebron Way

Any pet store - The Doghouse, Pet Smart, Pet Planet, Pet Zone etc.

For out-of-town travelers, the following hotels are dog friendly:
You can even bring your dog to The Hair Factory in the Sheratan

Do you know of any other dog friendly places in town? I'd love to hear about them! :) 

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